The Taylor 314ce is a stunning instrument. Some guitars are built for function. Some are built to look good. All ground is covered and more with this stunner. On stage, its hard to keep you eyes of this guitar. And if you’re just jamming in your room at home, then make sure you catch its reflection in something.

This guitar is very beautiful. The woods used in its design as well as some other excellent choices have made for one classy looking guitar. The Sitka spruce top and African mahogany back have been given a beautiful satin finish. The bridge and fret board are made of ebony. This stunning look is furthered by a gloss top, pearl inlays and chrome Taylor tuners. At the end of the day this is one of the best looking guitars available.

The Taylor 314ce is a beautifully designed guitar. It is shaped as a Grand Auditorium Cutaway. This design is incredibly advantageous. It gives great volume and body to the sound. It is definitely a bit more appealing design than that of the Dreadnought or jumbo design. It is a lot more exhausting playing these types of guitars than the grand auditorium design.

The Taylor 314-ce sounds wonderful and is very easy to play thanks to its very solid design. The body is excellently built. Sitka spruce makes the top of the guitar. The backs and sides are made from African mahogany. The classic, famous Taylor tone is achieved through this combination of wood. The fret-board and neck are considerately crafted to make for a guitar that is very easy to hold. The guitar is easier to play than most, thanks to this design. This also improves your playing. A touch of versatility comes in the very well spaced strings that give space for both fingerstyle and flapicking.

The Taylor 314ce holds a unique tone. It is well loved by lots of musicians the world over for its sound. It has the classic Taylor sound but with a little something extra. The sound is more rocky and modern than most acoustics. It contains a mid-range of clarity and a balanced treble range. The bass, however, lacks a little compared to others.

This guitar has a very good pickup system in the Expression Electronics System. A more organic sound is achieved through this system than other systems. It has dynamic sensors and tone controls that are very sensitive. This sensitivity allows them to almost perfectly capture string vibrations. They’re so sensitive that they also pickup the vibrations from the top of the guitar. The system gives the guitar great stage credentials.

Its should be clear from the credentials above that the Taylor 314 is not just a looker. Many designs fill its tech spec list. Very easy to play and excellent sound, to name but a few. These features will fade to black though once you get stuck gazing at this lovely guitar.